Heidegger says that we have fallen into the universe like drops of water upon the ground. One morning we woke up, and we were alive. We were here.


Some posts that I’m less embarrassed by (not in anti-reverse chronological order):

None Of Us Are Free?

Thoughts on free will: what it is, whether it makes sense. But you’re either going to read it or you aren’t.


Things That Are Great: Part 2: The Wire

A hagiographic tribute to my favourite TV show. Which sounds just great doesn’t it.


Things That Are Great: Part 1: David Foster Wallace

A hagiographic tribute to my favourite author. You can thank him for teaching me words like hagiography.


Terrence Malick

A true American auteur; included a shot by shot of the big bang, inflation through to the Jurassic era, in a Midwestern family drama.