Human political history is a long slow grind towards some wavering speck on the horizon that might just be progress. Like in an evolutionary system, there’s a lot of waste, a lot of mistakes, a lot of imperfections in our political approaches, as we struggle along. People who politically are from the far right (Libertarian, Anarchist) or far left (Marxist) are essentially suggesting that we go and try something unprecedented with the whole carefully evolved machine. It’s like someone raising a theory that the heart would be better located higher up, and expecting us to let him run that experiment with our carefully balanced bodies.


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  1. Dear Stephen N. Driscoll,

    I read your review for Too Big to Fail and felt compelled to write to you. My name is Julian Vidal, and I am working as a Research Assistant for an economist named Brandon Adams in an effort to reach out and receive honest feedback on his new book. Brandon Adams recently released a publication in February named Setting Sun: The End of U.S. Economic Dominance which is on the Amazon marketplace for Kindle and print.

    In order to receive honest feedback, I would appreciate it if you could take time out of your day, and read through some of it, if not all the way through. Being an avid Amazon reviewer and economic aficionado, I feel you can speculate Brandon’s views on the U.S. economic situation and make a review—even if it’s just a few words! I can send you a PDF version for your viewing, and if desired, I can provide you with a print copy. I fully understand if you can’t devote your time to read it, but thank you in advance for your consideration. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Julian R. Vidal
    Research Assistant for Brandon Adams
    Setting Sun: The End of U.S. Economic Dominance

    • Hi Julian. Sorry for the very late reply! Happy to read the text if that is still of help, and happy to review. PDF is fine. From what I have seen of the book, not expecting my views on US govt debt levels to coincide with the authors, by way of forewarning.
      Let me know by email if you are interested.

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