1. Opinions are not just fashion accessories, that you show-and-tell at parties to project intelligence, knowledge, culture or sensitivity. Instead, they should be heartfelt, researched convictions; your best guess at the actual truth of what this universe is all about. Your fundamental opinions really should define you. Everyone else is just playing status-conscious games.

2. It really breaks the spell, when you realize that most of those who are most fashionable, most charismatic, most cool, are exactly that because they are also most status conscious, most insecure, most inauthentic.

3. There are few things are more obviously indicative of the shallowness of our culture, than the fact that so many of our men now trot along diligently obeying the whims of the fashion corporations, whatever the cost, and in so doing, then thinking that they are individual, mature and expressive.

4. We still call kids who misbehave in school ‘rebels,’ which is to miss the point somewhat – for many the problem isn’t that they are overly rebellious, it’s quite the opposite, the problem is that they are conformist, status-conscious followers of a sub group that wants to be ‘edgy.’

5. Hipsters are one of the few major sub-groups in the Australian scene that are conformist enough to still wear a uniform.